Start exploring

Your account is now ready to go. You can browse through the home page, follow more accounts, and post your own Threads. If your feed is full of accounts you don’t follow, you can change the settings:

Step 1: Open the Threads app

Step 2: Tap your Threads Profile

In the bottom left corner of the Threads app menu, tap the icon that looks like a little person to head to your Profile.

Step 3: Open Settings

Tap the two lines in the top corner of your Profile page to bring up Settings.

Step 4: Tap Notifications

Open Notifications — it has a little bell icon next to it.

Step 5: Tap Threads and replies

Step 6: Change your settings to “From people you follow”

Toggle the settings from “Everyone” to “From people you follow.” You can change this for First threads, Likes, Replies, Mentions, Reposts, and Quotes. This won’t change the entire feed to only people you follow , but you’ll see a lot more content from people you do.

Step 7: Hit the Home icon to return to your feed

If you want to change these settings back, just follow the same steps as above, but toggle “First threads” back to “Everyone”.

IMPORTANT, if you sign up for Threads and want to delete the whole thing, Meta will also delete your Instagram account.