Raya is a popular dating app that many people are turning to for the purpose of meeting new people and finding potential romantic partners. With its modern design, easy-to-use interface, and wide selection of users, it’s no wonder why more and more people are becoming Raya members. Raya is an exclusive online dating platform that caters to people who have something special to offer in a relationship.

This means that the app is designed for individuals who have achieved success in their professional or creative endeavors—whether they’re actors, entrepreneurs, athletes, influencers, or others. There is also a membership tier specifically for creatives like photographers and designers. The app’s screening process helps create a safe and secure environment for users who want to meet someone special. All profiles are vetted by an internal committee before being approved, which can take up to 24 hours.

The vetting process includes verifying identity documents as well as reviewing pictures and other details submitted by members. This ensures that everyone on the site is genuine and trustworthy. Another great feature about Raya is its privacy settings; members can choose exactly how much information they want to share with other users. Once approved onto the platform, users can customize their profile with pictures or videos from their portfolio in order to stand out from the crowd and attract potential matches.

The app also has a “connections map” feature so members can see who else on the site they may have something in common with based on shared interests or location data. Members can also message each other directly through the app if they both mutually agree to connect. Overall, Raya offers an exclusive dating experience unlike any other app out there today. Whether you’re looking for love or just looking to make new friends in your area, Raya can be a great option thanks to its emphasis on security and privacy as well as its unique selection of verified members from all walks of life!

Raya is an exclusive dating app that is only available for iOS users. Accounts are approved by the app’s screening committee and you will need to have an official referral from an existing member to be considered fit for the app.

Create a photo-centric profile in “slideshow” format to show prospective mates who you are and what you look like. You can examine prospective matches in a single-file queue, which you may accept or reject by swiping right or left. Every day, Raya offers you a few fresh profiles.


1. You have to be invited or referred to join
2. Totally secure app because applications are also screened by a committee
3. Choose between two matchmaking functions depending on your interest


1. Application screening takes from a day to a few months
2. App only available for iOS devices
3. Not much active members, but the active members are mostly members of the elite