Perhaps Bumble is one of the less direct sex apps on this top. But it’s definitely one of the most important because there’s a great chance of getting a roll. Why? Only 55 million registered users, which is no small thing.

It’s not just any app, even though it looks a lot like Tinder. The big difference is that on Bumble, the girls are in control of everything that happens. In fact, Bumble calls itself a feminist app. They are the ones who decide to take the first step and are not overwhelmed by messages as is often the case with other applications.

A man could send out some kind of call to let you know he’s interested, but he’ll only be visible for 24 hours. That is, the girl has only 24 hours to decide to respond or simply ignore it.


Ease of Use: The app provides you with a seamless user experience to help members evaluate their options intelligently. It’s easy to use for anyone new to the dating service. It allows users to swipe left or right to show their interest, and when both parties seem interested in taking it forward, a match is created.

Variety of options: Bumble is available with a free and premium version. Users can easily access profiles and get the conversation going in the first place with the basic version. The premium version of Bumble Boost is also available if you want advanced features like a list of people who have already liked you, Reconsider expired matches, and more than 24 hours to zoom in on your preferred profiles.

Profile Options – The platform helps you choose the role you want to play here. Are you interested in meeting just a few like-minded people to share? Or are you looking for serious relationships?

Women-Centric: Women are encouraged to define their preferences and make the first move, which saves a lot of time wasted effort on wrong decisions. In fact, women are shown respect to take the initiative and express their liking as a personal choice and not a forced response.

Mutual Likes: When both individuals show interest, a match can be formed, cutting out many inauthentic chat requests and flooded approach messages. You are not receiving unsolicited messages from anyone and women no longer need to feel insulted by receiving messages from unsolicited profiles.


Men’s privileges: Men have to wait longer to receive a request from the women they already like. The 24-hour time frame may seem much shorter to receive a response on your preferred options.

Lack of complete information in the basic version: The basic version can obtain the necessary information from the Facebook account, which may not be enough information to evaluate the suitability of a match.