Adult Friend Finder is one of the busiest and most attracting adult dating portals in the world. People sign up here looking for casual hookups, both in person and online. In fact, we are talking about one of the dating sites with the largest number of users and that has been growing since its creation in 1996.

This dating page was born thanks to the need to want to get casual sex easily. Around us there are thousands of people, but how do we reach them to propose a casual meeting just like that? Worse yet, what do you do when you move to the city and don’t know anyone? It is a depressing situation, to say the least. The options are to go to a bar alone and try to flirt, talk to strangers and so on until you find what you are looking for. Adult Friend Finder facilitates this whole process by serving to gather all the people in your area in one place.


Filters: A priori, it seems like a tool that every dating page, however basic it may be, has. Certain. However, very few will allow you to apply as many filters as Adult Friend Finder. Beyond height or skin color, which is the basics, here you can filter by breast size. If you like them big, then the busty club will appear, for example.

Activity: The community of this site is really active. There are thousands of people online every day and at any hour. Chats, groups, cameras and so on are always full. It is true that it has millions of registered users, but pages as large as Adult Friend Finder do not register as much activity.

Encounters: The encounters that take place here go far beyond men and women. Here you can choose groups, pairs of men and women. Finally, whatever you want. It is the perfect place to fulfill some of your most spicy fantasies.


The exact figures of the balance between registered women and men are unknown. This could be because perhaps (and most likely is) there isn’t a good balance.

The tools and contact options with the subscription in Adult Friend Finder Free are greatly reduced. Despite the fact that you can complete the profile in its entirety and, even, you could take a look at the people who are already part of the community, it is impossible to make contact and, therefore, get a sexual encounter. Well, that’s how it goes. You pay or there is no fun.