1 – What kind of dancing are you into?
2 – What kind of research do you conduct?
3 – Hi there What’s the worst opening line you’ve ever been sent?
4 – Cheese, pepperoni, or Hawaiian?
5 – What is the best places you have gone to?
6 – can I ask you why you swipe right?
7 – Hi there my doctor told me I am lacking vitamin U, could you help me?
8 – Hi dear. You are a little bit older\younger than I am but your about me is breathtaking and I have fallen madly in love with you.
9 – Your favourite roommate of all time?
10 – What’s your favourite spot you have been doing?
11 – What are the GIF that best describes you and why?
12 – What is your star sign?
13 – I think my stars just aligned with yours.
14 – Hello Dear!
15 – How hard is it to get a date here?
16 – If you have 48 hours left on earth what would you do?
17 – Now that we have been matched does this mean we have to update our Facebook status as dating?
18 – Wanna go on a bioluminescence kayaking trip with me?
19 – DC or Marvel?
20 – The best book you have ever read?
21 – Who has the best meal deal between Sainsbury’s, Tesco or Boots?
22 – Hey dear welcome to Facebook dating I am your host.
23 – You really look super sweet we should just skip to romancing the hell out of each other.
24 – You Wanna go to Greggs?
25 – What’s your go-to meal deal?
26 – Can you tell me what it really takes to be a professor of dating Science?
27 – I just finished watching squid games I really loved it have you seen it?
28 – I promise to cook you dinner if you promise to cook me breakfast.
29 – Come be my student debt so that I can have you around for the rest of my life.
30 – The way your profile looks so detailed do you work at Facebook dating app testing?
31 – If you could travel to one place and never come back in the world where would you go?
32 – What is the word you like saying most?
33 – I have a low battery and I am using it to message you I hope I Choose Wisely?
34 – Hi GIRL’S NAME, how are you today? I am YOUR NAME wanna play?
35 – Hi GIRL’S NAME, you have incredible eyes, I can stare at you for a day without thinking twice.
36 – You are so pretty! You need to drop out of school and start a modelling career.
37 – Hi, my name is YOUR NAME! I just want to let you know you are the most beautiful person I’ve seen in a while.
38 – Hey! My name is YOUR NAME I noticed that we have a lot in common just by reading your profile.
39 – Hey wow you are no doubt the most beautiful girl i have seen around here.
40 – Hey there… How are you? ? You are really So beautiful and attractive and I know if you attract tons of messages.
41 – Your eyes look so familiar I could swear I have seen you somewhere before.
42 – Blonde hair with blue eyes… Aren’t you the society’s perfect picture of a very pretty girl?
43 – What is one thing you don’t really like?
44 – If you could become any animal for a day what animal would you pick?
45 – Can you describe yourself with five emoji?
46 – Do you have a dog?