• Post five or more times a day on facebook Reel´s.

  • Use a tripod for steady, professional looking shots.

  • Choose a background and props that enhance the main focus of your image. Tone on tone colours create depth
    and dimension in overhead shots.

  • Think about each of your steps and create a storyboard, or visual plan, for what you´ll capture.

  • Lay out each stage, snap a photo, and give an extra tap at the end for a visually compelling final reel.

  • Use the Reel´s Aling tool to build a seamless transition in your final asset.

  • Add bold movement to help your video stand out.

  • Add copy with the text tool to reinforce the key takeaways and actions you want customers to take.

  • Use the Eye-Dropper tool to colour-match your brand´s colors to your copy.

  • Save your Reel´s to your phone, since you can´t promote Reels directly on Instagram. Upload the video via “Promote” feature when setting up your ad campaign.

  • Use trending sounds

  • Use a max four hashtags

  • Avoid posting Reels that are:

Blurry due to low-resolution

Visibly recycled from other apps (i.e. contains watermarks).

Uploaded with a border around it.

Text heavy and have the majority of the image covered by text.

Horizontal (this video format is typically not as easy to recreate).