Group Calling – Voice or Video


Like all Signal messages, group voice and group video calls are private too. You will be prompted to grant the Camera and Microphone permissions the first time you make or receive a Signal call.


Group call requirements:

  • Each participant is using the latest version of Signal available for that device:
    • Android v5.0.3 or later
    • iOS v.5.0.0 or later
    • Desktop v1.39.2 or later
  • Each participant is a member of the same Signal New Group chat
  • The group call size limit is eight

Here’s how to start an encrypted group voice or video call:

1 Open the group chat.

2 Tap Vector.png  video call.

3 Select Start Call or Join Call.


4 A notification will be sent to other members of the group. An alert will appear in the group chat history.

Who is in the group call?

To see who is on the call, 

  • Before selecting Join Call,
    • On Android or iOS, a summary is listed at the top of the screen.
    • On Desktop, a summary is listed below your profile image or video.
  • During a group call, tap Group_participants.png the group icon to view the list. 

How do I switch layouts?

With three or more people in a call, swipe up and down in a group call to switch between a grid layout and a view that focuses on the active speaker.

How do I message while on a call?

  • On Android or iOS, tap the back arrow. 
  • On Desktop, select desktop-call-pip.png minimize call.

How do I view the call in full screen when it has been minimized?

  • Tap on the picture preview to bring the call in focus.

How do I change the microphone or speakers?

  • On Android or iOS, unplug headphones or select the bluetooth or speaker icon to switch speakers.
  • On Desktop, select desktop-settings.png the settings icon and select the microphone or speaker down arrows to change.

How do I change the video?

  • On Android or iOS, choose to disable video or select switch-camera.png the flip camera icon.
  • On Desktop, select desktop-settings.png the settings icon and select the video down arrow to change.